Sunday, 8 July 2012

Why kids are crazy about Ben 10 ultimate alien toys?

Who hasn’t heard about the brave Ben 10? Well, there is no kid on this planet who is unfamiliar with Ben antics and action kicks. Boys aspire to be like Ben one day and kick some alien bum cheeks. Parents love to surprise their kids and spend some quality time with them. As kids grow older it is hard to make time for binding. This is why Ben 10 ultimate alien toys were introduced in the first place. Toys have a major role to play in the mental development of the child. You can find ways to educate a child in every toy he picks up in his hands. However Ben 10 has his own way of doing it. 

If you are choosing a gift for your daughter you will naturally select a Barbie doll or a kitchen set. Believe it or not, girls always want to ape their mothers, ergo the Gwen figurine. Boys on the other hand are rash and rough. They want action in their life to attract them ergo Ben ten ultimate alien. Ben has stirred a craze amongst the younger generation that they want to own everything Ben has touched in the cartoon and magazines, especially the Ultimatrix. 

Why Ben 10 and not Donald Duck?

This is a question that even a toddler can answer. You are actually trying to figure out why people love Harry Potter over Twilight? You can call Ben 10 the Justin Bieber of cartoons. Ben is only 10 years of age and has fought many badass aliens. It is not a new rage that kids love a cartoon character out of the blue moon. This has happened earlier, however not to a higher extent.  Kids loved Scooby, power puff girls, Batman etc, but they started fading away from TV to movies. They started appearing once in two years. That took a toll on children. Ben 10 was the answer and he kept the love for cartoons alive. His witty answers and funny jokes struck the right connection with children and had become a superhero of sorts. 
Ben 10 was the one who taught children the difference between wrong and right. He also helps children imbibe good values unlike other cartoon characters whose creators are being sued every second day. The Ben 10 ultimate alientoys are here to stay and they are going to increase in the years to come. Kids cannot get enough of Ultimate Spidermonkey, Ultimate Humongosaur, Ramodrillo, Waterhazard, Rath and Ultimate Big Chill. As per Ben ten ultimate alien series on TV, Ben is 16 years of age now and has the advanced Ultimatrix at his disposal. With a turn of the dial and smack on the badge of the figurine, the kids can hear the voice of their favourite Alien force characters.

Ben 10 ultimate alien toys are literally the ultimate playing companions your child needs. He would be thrilled to own Ben ten ultimate alien. These toys have the ability to encourage children to imagine unimaginable plots with the characters. During a play date, it is only about Ben 10 they talk about. Kids can listen to their favourite alien voices with a command.  Their cognitive as well as physical skills are developed instantly.

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