Friday, 13 July 2012

Make your child’s day with a collection of Ben 10 toys!

If your kid is a fan of the Ben 10 show on Cartoon Network, then the perfect way to make his day is by gifting him any of his favourite Ben 10 toys. These are available in every toy store and have become all the more popular with the increase in the franchise’s popularity! For those who do not know who Ben 10 is, he is a simple 12 year old boy who lives an ordinary life till the time he chances upon a watch called the Omnitrix that gives him great power and takes him into a world filled with aliens, where he fights them. 
The show, along with each of its series, has been extremely popular and for each series, there is an exclusive range of toys available, along with a range of games. 

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien is extremely popular with kids. In this series, Ben has to learn how to control the new Ultimatrix which not only allows him to regain his earlier strengths and abilities but also allows him to develop his alien forms in a much stronger way. The Omnitirix has been destroyed and while the Ultimatrix is gaunt looking, it wields considerable power. Now you know where the appeal lies for these kids. 

What is interesting about the Ben 10 franchise is that each part has been made into a successful franchise consisting of games and toys. You can find a number of Ben10 ultimate alien action figures and video games, including online games. You can understand where the thrill lies for the child. Battling aliens, changing into powerful forms, pretending to own the Ultimatrix, a device with such supreme power- no wonder this franchise is doing so well. The franchise toys are made by Bandai and they are available for purchase on almost every toy store website. In fact, you will become a definite favourite if you manage to gift your child or grandchild (grandparents surprisingly are the ones who spend considerably on Ben 10 toys) the Ultimatrix watch to wear. Boy, your child is going to feel like he has conquered something big and great!
In 2011, the Ben 10 franchise took one step forward by launching a racing game that has now been made available in a number of formats, to be played on several devices. Along with this, what was also made available was the Ben 10 car. A cute, small little thing, the car of course is made with signature Ben 10 colours of green and black. The special features include lights and sounds from the moving car, thus offering a completely exciting experience to your child!

Even though the show does not get aired that often anymore, the franchise continues to be extremely popular with the Ben 10 toys and now the Ben 10 car. So if it is your child’s birthday or you just want to get him or her something that he or she is bound to love, then you know exactly what to get. Arranging for these toys is also now hassle-free simply because you can now shop for them online and it will be delivered at your doorstep!

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