Monday, 2 July 2012

Child car seats are a must in every car

There is no place safer than a mother’s womb for a baby. As the to-be parents prepare for their bundle of joy, they have to take precautionary measures. These precautionary measures are mandatory to ensure the child’s safety. The government has also laid down certain rules that every parent has to follow. Inability to follow these rules can lead to dangerous unforeseen circumstances. Child car seats or Infant car seats are the first protective step every parent has to opt for. 

A child car seat is a custom-made chair for a baby. The chair is constructed with straps and buckles that keep the baby secure and safe. It protects the baby from sudden jolts and jerks the car makes while driving. Accidents are the main reason these Child car seats are used. When a car meets with an accident, the sudden bang has the passengers swirling and churning around inside the car. An infant car seat clasps the baby and restricts such neck breaking and chancy movements. 

Sometimes it is a miracle that a baby survives an accident. However, if you are not carful enough, the baby can suffer from deformations due to an injury in the car. Miracles do not happen often. There are certain things you need to consider while installing an infant car seat. While choosing Child car seats you need to follow these rules:

A second-hand infant car seat should be avoided. The used infant car seat looks fine and attractive but may have some structural flaws. These damages are not noticeable thus potentially life threatening.
The baby seat must abide by the vehicle safety laws. If it does not meet the legal standards then probably using the car seat is a bad choice.

If the baby car seat is missing a part or a peripheral like a screw or bolt, replace it or get it fixed. If the seat does not have a tag with the manufacturer’s name and model number, then give it a pass and choose some other model over it.

Everything ages, so does the baby car seat. Use the baby car seat until the date printed on the tag expires. Using an age old car seat can lead to severe injuries to the baby.

Choose a baby car seat that suits the needs and requirements of your baby. The baby should fit in the car seat. Choosing a bigger seat and securing the baby in it can be dangerous, the baby can slip out.
It is always better to be safe than sorry. Once you choose the model you want, then it is time you sort out other things like colour and fabric. The fabric you select should provide comfort to the baby. The baby’s skin is very sensitive, a rough fabric can cause rashes and other skin infection. The cushioned car seat should be of genuine cotton. 

There is a need to be well aware of the importance of a baby car seat. According to statistics, a number of babies are killed because a baby car seat was not installed in the car.

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