Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Buying Baby girl clothes is difficult

Preparation to welcome a baby starts with a bang months before. Creating space for a nursery, decorating the nursery, baby shopping and so on are the things the mind is wrapped around for few months. The couple does not know who to expect, a boy or a girl, until then making neutral selections is the safe way. It is a myth that babies are colour blind. They surely do have favourite from a very young age, which is three months old. A three month old baby may love the colour green or orange, however babies cannot speak so their likes and dislikes remains a mystery.  To avoid blunder, parents choose neutral baby clothes. They do not select it as Baby girl clothes or Baby boy clothes. It is a clear loss to buy separate racks of clothing for both, boy and girl, if the parents aren’t aware of their child’s sex.

Buying baby girl and Baby boy clothes:

Money matters and indeed has an upper hand in all decisions. The safety of the baby is important and parents will go to any extent to make sure their bundle of joy is in safe hands. However if you can’t afford something, you simply have to let go. The malls and online baby stores may bowl you over with their array of baby clothing, but you need to be focussed and stick to your guns. 

Blues and pinks do not create the vision of difference between a boy and a girl. Yes, it doesn’t from the time, pink became the new blue and blue became the new pink. This mantra depends on how fashion savvy are you. Instead of squabbling with the colours you need to pay attention to other important stuff like fabric.
It does not matter whether you are buying Baby girl clothes or Baby boy clothes, the fabric has to be soft on the baby’s skin. The baby’s skin is delicate and highly sensitive. Even a hint of roughness on the fabric can cause skin infection. The fabric should be light like a feather. 

Colours and designs are secondary aspects of Baby girl clothes and Baby boy clothes. a dress with lace, frills and a matching bow will surely make your daughter look like a princess or a ballerina but the parents must understand this is not all that makes your baby cute and beautiful.  Parents are misguided that blue and pink shades are fashion pointers. In reality they are not. The only thing parents need to remember while baby shopping is that the clothes should be handy and easily accessible.

Babies are messy. Easy to put on and pull off clothes are the best for infants. A lot of buttons, straps and Velcro strips cause confusions and chaos. Instead of two pieces, you can always opt for one piece jumpsuits for your newborn. This is also saves time in lining and folding the clothes while storing them in the wardrobe.
You can create a pleasant personality for your child by dressing him or her up in fun coloured outfits. It should not have to be particularly blue or pink. The parents will be busy changing nappies  and within 6 months the child will resist wearing cotton clothes. as the newborn grows in size his or her choice in clothes also changes.  

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